The pS-Eau Network

pS-Eau is a multi-stakeholder network of water, sanitation and cooperation sector organisations from France and abroad.

The pS-Eau network unites public and local authorities, international cooperation organisations and professional organisations from within the water and research sectors around a common goal: achieving universal access to water and sanitation.

Graphically speaking, the pS-Eau network resembles three concentric circles:

  • Around the permanent team of pS-Eau staff is the inner circle that contains the twenty members of the Management Board, along with around sixty other organisations who are in daily contact with our team. These experts, from various organisations in both the South and North, volunteer their help, assisting project initiators, writing reference materials, sitting on scientific committees, facilitating and holding meetings and discussions.
  • The middle circle is composed of those organisations that work with pS-Eau around once or twice a year and who, whilst unable to regularly help provide back-up support and/or take part in action research programmes, are nonetheless eager to be kept up-to-date with the latest sector developments. This second circle contains about a thousand, mainly European and Francophone African, organisations, around a hundred of which are either past or current members of pS-Eau. 
  • The third and largest circle contains around 25,000 contacts; these are professionals who have expressed some form of interest in cooperation in the water sector and who would like to continue to be involved and informed.


The vast majority of pS-Eau network members are from Europe or Africa:


Geographical origin of pS-Eau network members


The innovation of and advantages offered by this network stem above all from the diversity of its members:

as a result, it is possible to find expertise and experience within this network that covers all areas of water and sanitation.

pS-Eau is recognised by all sector stakeholders, in both the North and South, as a neutral forum for consultation with public authorities, relationship-building between operators, back-up support and water sector-related capacity-building.


Breakdown, by type, of pS-Eau network members