About us

pS-Eau (Programme Solidarité Eau, which stands for Water Solidarity Programme) is non-profit organisation working towards universal access to water and sanitation. It was first created by the French government in 1984 and became an independant association in 2000.

Our aim is to increase and enhance the actions being undertaken to improve access to water and sanitation in developing countries

To deliver this aim, pS-Eau is organised into three areas:

Research and Development:
> Monitors scientific developments and works to improve understanding of the challenges faced by the water and sanitation sector

Back-up Support:
> Supports French decentralised cooperation and non-governmental actors (local authorities, associations, etc.) in designing access to water and sanitation projects and helps improve the consistency of actions

Promoting International Solidarity Mechanisms for Water:
> Shares information on, discusses and campaigns for universal access to water and sanitation, works to increase commitments and funding to the sector and facilitates debates on sector issues


Above all, pS-Eau is, and coordinates, an international and multi-stakeholders network that fosters the sharing of experiences and information between all stakeholders working within the water and sanitation and cooperation sectors.


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