Our values


programme Solidarité Eau Members' Charter


On becoming a member of pS-Eau, members commit to working to improve conditions of access to water and sanitation for all and the living environments of the poor.

Thus, pS-Eau members agree to:

1. Encourage user organisation and involvement to improve management of and access to the water resource

2. Foster the use of training and awareness-raising to protect and preserve water quality

3. Participate in the design and development of innovative programmes to ensure universal access to safe drinking water

4. Facilitate the financing of pro-poor projects and programmes

5. Establish consultation between all parties concerned by a particular issue or within a given geographical area

6. Promote cooperation within the water sector to decision-making bodies and the general public

7. Recommend the adoption of institutional frameworks that ensure sustainable access to water for all

The variety of international cooperation initiatives is a valuable resource that can only be fully enhanced and developed through broad consultation.

By initiating collaborations and discussions, pS-Eau helps turn a ‘good idea’ or desire to act into a meaningful cooperation project.

Through its innovative programmes and support to cooperation in the water and sanitation sectors, pS-Eau works to ensure that the demands of countries less advanced in these areas are met more effectively.