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Master Plan for the Bekaa Water Establishment: Wastewater capital investment plan & priority action plan

outil d'aide à la décision May 2015 ; 95 pages
Ed. DAI - Jddeideh Kredo - Beirut USAID - Antelias USAID - Washington
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   Master plan    Inception report    Irrigation assessment report    Water assessment report    Water capital investment plan and priority action plan    Wastewater assessment report Abstract:
This report presents the recommendations for improvements to the Bekaa wastewater system for the 2035 planning horizon along with the associated cost estimate. These recommendations include improvements to the existing sewer network system and wastewater treatment plants as well as recommendations for new facilities to service areas not currently connected to a wastewater treatment plant and/or a sewer system. It is divided in 8 chapters. Chapter 1 gives a general overview of the activities undertaken in order to arrive at the description of the current status of the wastewater sector in the Bekaa.
Chapters 2 presents the wastewater flow projections for the horizon years 2025 and 2035 based on the population estimates presented in an earlier report. Chapter 3 describes the strategy adopted for the siting, sizing, and selection of the treatment process. Chapters 4 and 5 give overviews of the effluent reuse and biosolids management issues, respectively, including proposed guidelines that should be adopted by the MEW. In Chapter 6 the adopted schemes are described. They include existing facilities, facilities to be expanded and improved, and new facilities that are proposed along with their location, service area, and treatment process, as well as new sewer lines that need to be installed in unsewered villages. Chapter 7 gives the cost estimates of all proposed facilities and the cost of the improvements to the existing facilities. Chapter 8 proposes a priority action plan and concluding remarks.


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USAID - US Agency for International Development - Washington - Etats Unis

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