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Master Plan for the Bekaa Water Establishment Inception report

outil d'aide à la décision Apr 2013 ; 68 pages
Ed. DAI - Jddeideh Kredo - Beirut USAID - Antelias USAID - Washington
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On December 1st, 2012 KREDO has been commissioned by DAI to carry out the project entitled “Development of a Water Supply and Wastewater Systems Master Plan within the Service Area of the Bekaa Water Establishment” as part of the USAID – Lebanon Water wastewater Sector Support Program (LWWSS). The project duration is sixteen months and it includes 9 major
deliverables spread between Month 2 and Month 16, in addition to brief monthly reports. The present report is the Inception Report which is the first scheduled deliverable.
The scope of the current study is to establish water supply and wastewater master plans in order to
support the Bekaa Water Establishment (BWE) decision-makers in the preparation of a rational
infrastructure development and capital investment plan for water supply, water distribution,
wastewater collection and wastewater treatment systems, as well as elements of an irrigation system.


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