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Master Plan for the Bekaa Water Establishment: Irrigation assessment report

outil d'aide à la décision Sep 2014 ; 76 pages
Ed. DAI - Jddeideh Kredo - Beirut USAID - Antelias USAID - Washington
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   Master plan    Inception report    Water assessment report    Water capital investment plan and priority action plan    Wastewater assessment report    Wastewater capital investment plan & priority action plan Abstract:
This report presents the following results:

- Photographic documentation of the field investigations of a large sample of springs and irrigation channels.
- Présentation of all the springs that were identified in the area of the study with the flow data that could be found about them.
- Summary of the results from the interviews that were carried with a sample of farmers in the study area.
- GIS maps showing the irrigation networks that fall under the jurisdiction of the BWE.
- An updated land use map showing the extent of agricultural lands in the Bekaa.


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DAI - Development Alternatives Inc - Jddeideh - Liban

Kredo - Beirut - Liban

USAID - US Agency for International Development - Washington - Etats Unis

USAID - US Agency for International Development - Antelias - Liban

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