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Karim Eid-Sabbagh
Specialized in water resource management and agrarian sociology.
(Docteur spécialisé en eau)
PhD Development Studies - SOAS, London, UK
Master's Urban Planning and Policy - AUB, Beirut, Lebanon
Bachelor Civil Engineering - AUB, Beirut, Lebanon


- Analysis of Water Reuse Potential for Irrigation in Lebanon - (Sep 2022)
- We Made Every Living Thing From Water: An Interview with Karim Eid-Sabbagh - (Feb 2019)
- Feasibility Assessment for Water Service Provision to Informal Tented Settlements (ITS) in Lebanon - (Oct 2017)
- We made every living thing from water - (May 2017)
- A political economy of water in Lebanon : water resource management, infrastructure production, and the International Development Complex - (Apr 2014)
- Hydro-political Baseline of the Upper Jordan River - (Jan 2012)

Publications de l'organisme
- Evaluation of UNICEF support to Water Establishments - (May 2023)