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Jamie Bartram
Distinguished Professor Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
PhD, BSc.
twitter: UNC_Water_Inst
courriel: J.K.Bartram[à]


- Domestic Water Quantity, Service Level and Health - (Dec 2020)
- Economic cost analysis of low-cost sanitation technology options in informal settlement areas (case study: Soweto, Johannesburg) - (Nov 2019)
- The true costs of participatory sanitation: Evidence from community-led total sanitation studies in Ghana and Ethiopia - (May 2017)
- Climate Change and Water and Sanitation: Likely Impacts and Emerging Trends for Action - (Nov 2016)
- Sustainability and scale-up of household water treatment and safe storage practices: Enablers and barriers to effective implementation - (Mar 2015)
- Animal waste, water quality and human health - (Oct 2012)
- Sécurité sanitaire de l'eau dans les bâtiments - (Jul 2011)
- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Standards for Schools in Low-cost Settings - (Jan 2010)
- Normes relatives à l'eau, l'assainissement et l'hygiène en milieu scolaire dans les environnements pauvres en ressources - (Jan 2010)
- Water, sanitation and hygiene standards for schools in low-cost settings - (Jan 2009)
- Regional and Global Costs of Attaining the Water Supply and Sanitation Target (Target 10) of the Millennium Development Goals - (Jan 2008)
- Domestic Water Quantity, Service Level and Health - (Apr 2003)

Publications de l'organisme
- Waste stabilization ponds - (Jan 2004)
- Simplified Sewerage: PC-based Simplified Sewer Design - (Feb 2001)
- PC-based Simplified Sewer Design - (Jan 2001)
- Design Manual for Waste Stabilization Ponds in India - (Jan 1997)