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Ihab Jomaa
Head Department of Irrigation and Agrometeorology, research and development
(Chef du Departement d'irrigation et Agro-meteorologie)
1995: Irrigation
2008: Gis / remote sensing
Tél.: 009618900037
Fax: 009618900037 Ext 148


- Balancing water stress, human crises and innovation under a changing dryland climate - (Dec 2016)

Publications de l'organisme
- Are Fresh Water and ReclaimedWater Safe for Vegetable Irrigation? Empirical Evidence from Lebanon - (Apr 2022)
- Mardi LEWAP 15.03.2022: Which standards for water reuse in Lebanon? Presentation 2: Results from field experimentation - (Mar 2022)
- Invitation to Mardi LEWAP: Which Standards for water reuse in Lebanon? - (Mar 2022)
- Treated municipal wastewater reuse for eggplant irrigation - (Jan 2021)
- Table grapes irrigation with treated municipal wastewater in a Mediterraean environment - (Jan 2020)
- Assessing the performance of constructed wetland for water quality management of a Southern Mediterranean river - (Jan 2018)
- Reuse of treated municipal wastewater in irrigation: a case study from Lebanon and Jordan - (Jan 2017)