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WASH FIT Training 4 - Sanitation

diaporama powerpoint Nov 2016 ; 19 pages
Ed. UNICEF - New York
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   WASH FIT Training 6 - Hand hygiene Abstract:
A typical WASH FIT training lasts three days, but this can be extended or reduced according to the needs.
The training package contains 7 modules which cover the main technical WASH areas. Each of these modules should last approximately an hour. For groups who already have a strong technical background, or for higher level national trainings, these modules could be omitted and more time spent on discussing and planning implementation of the tool.
The training package consists of ten modules.
1. Introduction to WASH FIT and brief overview of the methodology
2. WASH FIT methodology
3. Water
4. Sanitation
5. Health care waste
6. Hand hygiene
7. Cleaning and disinfection
8. Environmental management
9. Facility management
10. Action planning: how will you implement WASH FIT
Minimum requirements for sanitation in health care facilities
Use and maintenance of sanitation facilities in health care facilities
How to share knowledge and skills to improve sanitation services in health care facilities


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