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Costing and Pricing - A Guide for Water Well Drilling Enterprises

guide coll. Field Note n° 201412 Dec 2014 ; 16 pages
Aut. Richard Carter & Kerstin Danert & Anthony Luutu & André Olschewski
Ed. RWSN - Saint Gallen - 2 édition
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This field note is written for water well drilling enterprises as well as other agencies which manage, or are involved in drilling projects. Using a step-by-step approach it gives clear guidance on how to cost and price the construction of drilled water wells. It also provides tips on business management with an emphasis of the realities faced in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Once you are familiar with this field note, you will be in a much stronger position to calculate drilling costs, consider prices and deal with business realities

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RWSN - Rural Water Supply Network - Saint Gallen - Suisse

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