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Drilling Boreholes for Handpumps

livret Jan 2001 ; 62 pages
Aut. Peter Wurzel
SKAT - Saint Gallen ; Isbn: 3-908156-02-5
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This booklet seeks to suggest ways in which funds can be better used for making safe water available to the poor by illustrating how drilling costs can be reduced without compromising water quality, water quantity, or the productive life of the borehole. These arguments are directed towards the rural water supply sector as a whole. Those directly addressed are primarily decision makers, government civil servants, planners and implementers of water projects who are not experts in drilling, as well as technical people, project leaders, technical aid personnel etc. This publication is neither a detailed drilling manual nor a methodology of drilling methods.


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SKAT - Swiss Resource Centre and Consultancies for Development - Saint Gallen - Suisse

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