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Water from Roofs

A handbook for technicians and builders on survey, design, construction and maintenance of roof catchments
manuel coll. Technical handbook n° 8 Jan 2006 ; 88 pages
Aut. Erik Nissen-Petersen
Ed. Water for Arid Land - Nairobi
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One promising alternative water source is that of harvesting rainwater from roof catchments. This is a technology that is now widespread and in countries like India where there is a government policy on this which compels the housing industry to incorporate rainwater harvesting in the design of their housing units.
Water from Roofs is a handbook that is expected to serve as a guide for technicians and water users who are contemplating to design and construct water storage tanks using concrete, burnt bricks, blocks and rubble stones and ferro-cement. It emphasizes on the need for standard designs and bills of quantities for various sizes of water tanks during the planning stage and also delves into structural considerations before construction. The handbook provides insights into construction procedures and graphic and photo illustrations of the different types and sizes of water tanks. The aspect of repairs of water containers and tanks is also discussed in this handbook. Graphic and photo illustrations of the water tanks make the information more comprehensive and easily understood by any reader. This information is required by local technicians for constructing water tanks.

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Water for Arid Land - Nairobi - Kenya

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