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Solar PV Standardised Training Manual

manuel Nov 1995 ; 98 pages
Ed. SNV - Den Haag
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The manual covers the following:
a) Introduction to renewable energy in Zimbabwe
b) Electricity basics
c) Solar energy principles and applications
d) Photovoltaic technology and application
e) System sizing
f) Safety precautions, basic maintenance and trouble shooting

The manual is designed for use by anyone who wishes to develop his/her technical knowledge in PV. However, it is particularly targeted at those who wish to engage in the business of supplying and installing PV products. This manual does not guarantee the quality of installations carried out by trainees. It is recommended that all installations are carried out in a responsible and professional way. All electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician to guarantee the installation and/or repairs.

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énergie solaire (CI) (DT) (OP)


SNV - Organisatie voor ontiwkkelings samenwerking en bewustwording - Den Haag - Pays Bas

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