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  Croix Rouge Franšaise - (NÚpal)

  Embassy of Finland -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  ENPHO -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Environment and Rural Development Center - (NÚpal)

  UNICEF -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  FAO - (NÚpal)

  Helvetas -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Himalayan Environment Research Institute - (NÚpal)

  Human Rights and Environmental Protection Nepal (HUREP-NEPAL) - (NÚpal)

  IMPACTO media Group - (NÚpal)

  ICIMOD -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  International Network of Alternative Financial Institution, Nepal - (NÚpal)

  IWMI - (NÚpal)

  Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environment Nepal (JVE-NEPAL) - (NÚpal)

  Kathmandu University - (NÚpal)

  Lamjung Water Industries - (NÚpal)

  LAD-Nepal -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  LIBIRD -Pokhara (NÚpal)

  LUMANTI -Katmandu (NÚpal)

  Lumanti Support Group for Shelter -Katmandu (NÚpal)

  Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  NAST - (NÚpal)

  NCCR North-South -Kathmandu (NÚpal)



  Nepal Environment and Development Organization (NEDO) - (NÚpal)

  NEWAH -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  WSC -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Nepal Youth Parliament for Water - (NÚpal)

  NGO Forum for Urban Water & Sanitation -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Plan International - (NÚpal)

  Practical Action -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Praranbha (An Initiative) - (NÚpal)


  RADP -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Sailung Spring Water Resources Center - (NÚpal)

  Second Small Town Supply and Sanitation Project - (NÚpal)

  SNV -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Solid Waste Management Technical Support Centre Ministry of Urban Development - (NÚpal)

  Splash -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  Surag Patra News Paper - (NÚpal)

  TdH -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  The Third Pole - (NÚpal)

  UN-Habitat - (NÚpal)

  USAID -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  WYN - (NÚpal)

  WaterAid -Katmandu (NÚpal)

  WHO - (NÚpal)

  WVI -Kathmandu (NÚpal)

  YALC / YUWA - (NÚpal)