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  -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  ABCD -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  ACF -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  ADRA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  AFD -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  American center public speaking club -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  arche noVa -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  AVSI -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  BSP Nepal -Kathmandu (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  CDA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  CESVI -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  CDN -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  DRC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Development Professional - (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  DRD Sittwe -Sittwe (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  EGIS -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Embassy of Denmark -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  EKTA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  French Red Cross -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  GRET -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Institute for Social and Environmental Transition -Pulchowk (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  ICRC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  IFRC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  IRC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  IWMI -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  JICA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Magway City -Magway (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Malteser International -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  MCDC -Mandalay (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  METTA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  MRCS -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  MSF -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  NAST - (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Nat. Engineering and Planning Services Company - (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  OCHA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Oxfam -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Partenaires -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  RI -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Save the Children -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Solidarités International -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  SDC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  SWS -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  Tamor Clean Water Organization Nepal - (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  UNDP -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  UNICEF -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  UNHCR -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  UNOPS -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  UNFPA -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  WRTC -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)

  WHO -Yangon (Birmanie-Myanmar)