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  -Accra (Ghana)

  -Accra (Ghana)

 AWN -Accra (Ghana)

 Africa Water Task Force -Accra (Ghana)

 AFD -Accra (Ghana)

 Ambassade de France -Accra (Ghana)

 Bhekans Services Ltd -Accra (Ghana)

 CARE -Accra (Ghana)

 CONIWAS -Accra (Ghana)

 Comwasan Consult -Accra (Ghana)

 Danida -Accra (Ghana)

 Delegation of the European Union -Accra (Ghana)

 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands -Accra (Ghana)

 ECOG -Accra (Ghana)

 Expertise France -Accra (Ghana)

 FAO -Accra (Ghana)

 GES -Accra (Ghana)

 Ghana Health Service -Accra (Ghana)

 GWCL -Accra (Ghana)

 GWP -Accra (Ghana)

 GIZ -Accra (Ghana)

 Grundfos Safewater -Accra (Ghana)

 IPA -Accra (Ghana)

 Institut du local Territoires-Institutions-Cultures-Developpement -Accra (Ghana)

 IWMI -Accra (Ghana)

 Interplast Ghana -Accra (Ghana)

 Jual Group Ghana Ltd -Accra (Ghana)

 LGPCU -Accra (Ghana)

 Maple Consult -Accra (Ghana)

 MIME Consult Ltd -Accra (Ghana)

 Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Environment -Accra (Ghana)

 MWRWH -Accra (Ghana)

 Parliament of the Republic of Ghana -Accra (Ghana)

 Peace Corps -Accra (Ghana)

 Plan International -Accra (Ghana)

 PRONET -Accra (Ghana)

 PwC Ghana -Accra (Ghana)

 Relief International -Accra (Ghana)

 RCN Ghana -Accra (Ghana)

 Safe Water Network -Accra (Ghana)

 Safi Sana -Accra (Ghana)

 SkyFox -Accra (Ghana)

 SNV -Accra (Ghana)

 TGIB Production (Environmental And Sanitation documentarY -Accra (Ghana)

 The Accra Times -Accra (Ghana)

 Triple-S -Accra (Ghana)

 TV3 Network -Accra (Ghana)

 Unicef -Accra (Ghana)

 University of Ghana -Accra (Ghana)

 USAID West Africa Regional Mission -Accra (Ghana)