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  ACF -Beijing (Chine)

  Agence Française de Développement -Beijing (Chine)

  Ambassade de France -Pékin (Chine)

  Asia-Pacific Center for Water Security -Beijing (Chine)

  AIIB -Beijing (Chine)

  Beijing Forestry University -Beijing (Chine)

  Beijing Water Authority -Beijing (Chine)

  Caixin - (Chine)

  CEEC - (Chine)

  Ceec Of China Mep - (Chine)

  Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy - (Chine)

  Central South University - (Chine)

  CSES -Beijing (Chine)

  China Academy of Urban planning and Design - (Chine)

  China Clean Water Alliances -Beijing (Chine)

  China institute of water resources and hydropower research - (Chine)

  China Institute of Water Resources Research - (Chine)

  China Océan News - (Chine)

  China Three Gorges Corporation - (Chine)

  China Water Risk - (Chine)

  IWHR -Beijing (Chine)

  Chinese Academy For Environmental Planning - (Chine)

  China CDC -Beijing (Chine)

  Chongqing Water Group Company Ltd - (Chine)

  EEMP - (Chine)

  Flow Creative Marketing -Beijing (Chine)

  MEP/FECO - (Chine)


  Foshan Shunde Jinyu Plastic Product Co., Ltd. - (Chine)

  Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University China - (Chine)

  Gansu Research Institute For Water Conservancy - (Chine)

  General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, MWR - (Chine)

  Global Water Partnership China Region - (Chine)


  Guangdong Province Foshan Bureau of Hydrology Branch - (Chine)

  Guangzhou Hiway Capital Partners - (Chine)

  Hai he River Water Conservancy Commission - (Chine)

  Honsea Sunshine Biotech Co., Ltd - (Chine)

  Institute of Environ. and Sustain. Dev. in Agri. - (Chine)

  ISWC - (Chine)

  ICID -Beijing (Chine)

  IWRA - (Chine)

  Jilin University -Changchun (Chine)

  Jingyu Plastic Product Co., Ltd - (Chine)

  Lanzhou Jiaotong University - (Chine)

  Ministry of Agriculture - (Chine)

  Ministry of Health -Beijing (Chine)

  MWR -Beijing (Chine)

  Nan Guan Eco-Park - (Chine)

  Nanjing Automation Institute of Water Conservancy & Hydrology, Ministry of Water Resources - (Chine)