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  - (Bangladesh)

 2030 Water Resources Group - (Bangladesh)

 AFD -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 DANIDA -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 AOSED -Khulna (Bangladesh)

 ARTICLE 19 Bangladesh and South Asia - (Bangladesh)

 Asian University of Bangladesh -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Formulation Project - (Bangladesh)

 Bangladesh Public Service Commission Secretariat - (Bangladesh)

 BUET -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Bangladesh WASH Alliance - (Bangladesh)

 BWP -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center - (Bangladesh)

 BGC Trust University - (Bangladesh)

 BRAC -Dhaka (Bangladesh) [siège]

 Center for population, Urbanization and Climate Change, icddr,b - (Bangladesh)

 Change -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Concern Universal - (Bangladesh)

 DASCOH Foundation - (Bangladesh)

 Dhaka University -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Dhaka Wasa -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 DORP - (Bangladesh)

 DSK - (Bangladesh)

 Eau et Vie -Dacca (Bangladesh)

 Energy Bangla - (Bangladesh)

 Engineering Students' Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) - (Bangladesh)

 EPRC -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Flamingo Fashions Ltd, DBL Group - (Bangladesh)

 FortiesGermany - (Bangladesh)

 FANSA - (Bangladesh)

 Gender and Water Alliance - (Bangladesh)

 IBA, University of Dhaka -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Institute of Water and Flood Management - (Bangladesh)

 ICDDR -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 iDE -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 IUCN -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Jagannath University - (Bangladesh)

 Khulna Water supply & Sewerage Authority - (Bangladesh)

 Lund University / Swedish Institute Scholarship Holder - (Bangladesh)

 Ministry of Local Government - (Bangladesh)

 Mohaimin Ahmed - (Bangladesh)

 NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 North South University - (Bangladesh)

 OXFAM -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Plan International -Dhaka (Bangladesh)

 Practical Action - (Bangladesh)

 Raihan Ahmmed - (Bangladesh)

 Sector Policy Support Project of the Water Supply - (Bangladesh)

 SJP -Dacca (Bangladesh)

 Shushilan -Khulna (Bangladesh)