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  -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 AFERAS - (Argentine)

 AFD - (Argentine)

 AySA - (Argentine)

 Ambassade de France -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 OIKOS -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 BID -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 Calanda Producciones -Rosario (Argentine)

 Cap-Net -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 CEI San Ignacio - (Argentine)

 Center For Environment Studies - (Argentine)

 CEUR -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 CIC - Framework Program - (Argentine)

 DINOSA -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 EMET n°3 - (Argentine)

 Escuela de Enseñanza Secundaria Técnica Nº 2 “Alemania” -Ciudad Villa Ballester (Argentine)

 UBA -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 Federico Martín Maglio -San Nicolás (Argentine)

 Fundacion Agreste - (Argentine)

 Fundacion del Sur -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 GADE -Unzaga (Argentine)

 Ham Collegue - (Argentine)

 IIGG -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 IIED - AL -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 IRRI Managment Argentina - (Argentine)

 IT&P Companies S.A. - (Argentine)

 Ministerio del Interior, Obras Públicas y Vivienda argentino - (Argentine)

 Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing - (Argentine)

 NOLASCO & Assoc. S. A. - (Argentine)

 PROSOFA II -Buenos Aires (Argentine)

 San Luis Agua -San Luis (Argentine)

 Sergio Victor Sevega - (Argentine)

 SOLAR INTI - (Argentine)

 SJWP - (Argentine)

 Uiscumarr - (Argentine)

 Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - (Argentine)

 UNSAM -San Martín (Argentine)

 WYPW - (Argentine)