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Green Empowerment
PO Box 8802
OR 97207  Portland
Etats Unis Lat:45.5202471 Long:-122.6741949
Tél.: (503) 284-5774 - GreenEmpower company/green-empowerment/
Pays d'intervention : Birmanie-Myanmar [<-interv. sur] - Bolivie [<-interv. sur] - Colombie [<-interv. sur] - Equateur [<-interv. sur] - Malaisie [<-interv. sur] - Nicaragua [<-interv. sur] - Ouganda [<-interv. sur] - Pérou [<-interv. sur] - Philippines [<-interv. sur] - Ong ou association

Activities: Green Empowerment works with rural communities and partners around the world to improve access to affordable and renewable energy, safe drinking water, sanitation systems, fuel efficient cook stoves and more. With our support, projects are designed, constructed and maintained by the communities that benefit from them to ensure long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Our projects help individuals and families pave their own pathway to prosperity.
Solar Pumping Systems (SPS) – Introductory and Feasibility Guide

(Systèmes de pompage solaire - Introduction et faisabilité) guide ; 63 pages | Jan 2007
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