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Al Manar University of Tripoli
Badaro, Tayoune Roundabout, Omar Bayhom St.
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Nijad Kabbara
Professor of Environmental Sciences

Objectives: AUCE thrives to improve and enrich people's lives through education that dramatically engages their students and research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration. Realization of this mission is through:
- scholarship and creative endeavor that draws on all forms of inquiry
- learning that is active, creative and continuous
- promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship
Activities: - support advancement of thriving disciplines as well as new areas of interdisciplinary excellence
- provide students with knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to become leaders in a world characterized by rapid change and increasing interdependence
- nurture a community of exceptional scholars who are cooperative and collegial, functioning in an atmosphere distinguished by support, mentoring and inclusion
- pursue distinctive opportunities to build on our special features, including our relationship with world class corporates, cultural, educational and scientific institutions in University circle and across Lebanon
Monitoring water quality in the coastal area of Tripoli (Lebanon) using high-resolution satellite data

(Surveillance de la qualité de l'eau dans la zone côtière de Tripoli (Liban) à l'aide de données satellitaires à haute résolution) diaporama powerpoint Aut. Nijad Kabbara ; 25 pages | Jan 2020
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