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Muhanna Foundation
John Kennedy Street, Alameddine Building,
1st Floor
Liban   (Beyrouth / Beyrouth) Lat:33.8994660 Long:35.4871700
Tél.: +961 361611
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Fondation Ong ou association création en 1994 ; 3 salariés ;

Objectives: The Muhanna Foundation, created in 1994, is a non-profit organization established in Switzerland with a sister organization in Beirut, Lebanon. It is dedicated to the promotion of continuing education for professionals involved in municipalities, social security, pensions, insurance industry, and supervision in actuarially under-developed countries, in general and in the Arab World & East Africa in particular.

Activities: The Foundation organizes conferences, seminars and trainings in a variety of fields including insurance, investment and governance on a regular basis in the region of its operation. Additionally, the Foundation runs three separate Diploma Programs, one in Municipal Administration and Finance, the second in Social Insurance and the third in Actuarial Techniques.
In its commitment to education, the Muhanna Foundation provides Awards and Scholarships in the fields of Actuarial Science and Mathematics to students who are completing actuarial education in several countries, namely, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania and Yemen.
The Foundation operates as an official examination center for actuarial students sitting for professional exams of the Society of Actuaries (United States Actuarial System) and the exams of the Institute of Actuaries (United Kingdom Actuarial System).
The Foundation has a long track record of providing services to UN Habitat, the World Bank, private sector institution, academic institutions and other UN organizations. We combine innovation and creativity with a world class team capable of delivering on large technical collaboration projects.
Finally, the Foundation publishes robust academic studies on a variety of social and economic topics that serve as starting points for broader policy discussions.
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