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Associaçao Portuguesa de Engeheiros do Ambiente Associação Portuguesa de Engenheiros do Ambiente
Av. Infante Santo, 32 3ºA
1000  Lisboa
Portugal Lat:38.7368843 Long:-9.1373136
Tél.: +351 21 395 58 05
Fax: +351 21 395 58 12

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Ana Maria Pereira
Domaines d'intervention : Types d'activités : Nature d'intervention : Champs géographiques d'intervention : national; Ong ou association Budget annuel < 20 000€;
Langue de travail: Portugau;

Objectives: - Promote the cooperation and solidarity among its members, by supporting the Environmental Engineers' interests in the professional, social and cultural fields;
- Increase the recognition of Environmental Engineering and its specific technical and scientific features, as well as stimulate, at the national level, the progress of knowledge and the development of Environmental Engineering and the teaching of Environmental Engineering;
- Contribute to the structuring of the Environmental Engineer career;
- Organise exchanges with similar associations, both national and foreign, for which purpose it may join international unions and federations.
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