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Water Environment Partnership in Asia
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Freshwater Resources Management Project
2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama
Kanagawa 240-0115
Japon Lat:35.2589594 Long:139.6118943
Tél.: +81-(0)46-855-3700
Pays d'intervention : Birmanie-Myanmar [<-interv. sur] - Cambodge [<-interv. sur] - Chine [<-interv. sur] - Corée du Sud [<-interv. sur] - Indonésie [<-interv. sur] - Japon [<-interv. sur] - Laos [<-interv. sur] - Malaisie [<-interv. sur] - Népal [<-interv. sur] - Philippines [<-interv. sur] - Sri Lanka [<-interv. sur] - Thaïlande [<-interv. sur] - Vietnam [<-interv. sur] - Organisation internationale mult

Objectives: WEPA, in cooperation with 13 countries in Asia, aims to promote good governance in water environment management by providing necessary, relevant information and knowledge, through a series of databases. Information collected through WEPA activities is shared by the WEPA Database, which consists of 4 individual databases, namely Policies, Technologies, NGOs’ and CBOs’ activities and Sources of water-related information.
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