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Safi sana
Stationsplein 30, 1382 AD
PO Box 5064
1380 GB  Weesp
Pays Bas Lat:49.0277977 Long:7.9085304
Pays d'intervention : Ghana [<-interv. sur] - Ong ou association

Objectives: Safi Sana aims to take a commercial approach in responding to the agriculture sector’s demand for fertilisers using the volumes of faeces and urines already available or which can be collected, while also responding to the need for effective sanitation for the residents of slums. In urban areas, sanitation is primarily considered a cost item. However, urine is rich in nutrients, and faeces can be used to generate biogas. In addition, the commercial management of public services serves as a good basis for effective maintenance. Safi Sana benefits from these economic motives to provide sanitation in slums.
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