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Costing Sustainable Services online course []
à La Haye (Pays Bas)
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Objectives: The free "Costing Sustainable Services” online course aims to assist water, sanitation and hygiene professionals around to world with applying life-cycle costing in their work and organisation. The online course can be used by sector professionals with little or no experience of life-cycle costing. Participants can gain a basic understanding of life-cycle costing and how the approach can be applied.
About the course: The costing sustainable services online course has three modules:
•Module 1 What is a life-cycle cost approach?;introduces life-cycle costing, its underlying principles and key components.
•Module 2 Using a life-cycle cost approach;gives ideas and tools on how life-cycle costing can be adapted and integrated in the work of many different types of organisations and government institutions.
•Module 3 Analysing life-cycle costs and service levels;explains how life-cycle costs and service levels can be analysed in order for it to be used as part of budgeting and planning of sustainable water and sanitation service delivery.
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