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Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Của Pi

Promoting Handwashing with Soap in Vietnam: Remember to Wash Your Hands
bande dessinée Dec 2009 ; 20 pages; format: 100cm x 73cm
Ed. WSP - Washington
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   Cartoon Abstract:
WSP developed a program for children that uses an entertainment/education approach to generate interest and enthusiasm for the practice of handwashing with soap. The program tried to address the fact that Vietnamese children have little free time in their daily lives. The campaign was developed around a superhero, Bi, who gets special powers by handwashing with soap and uses those powers to help his family and community. The comic strip has 10 episodes, each of which tells a story about Bi and has key handwashing with soap messages.
Episode 1: Remember What the Teacher Says
On the way home from kindergarten, mother buys cake for Ha and Bi and is very surprised when Ha asks for help washing her hands with soap. Ha smiles and says that her teacher has reminded her to wash hands before eating.
Episode 2: Missing a School Day
Ha gets diarrhea because she did not wash her hands with soap before eating fruit that Bi gave her. Bi regrets not reminding Ha to wash her hands with soap.
Episode 3: Bi's Dream
Bi wishes he had the power to help Ha get better; a fairy comes and tells him that handwashing with soap could bring him the power to help his sister and people around him.
Episode 4: The Magic Soap
Bi learns that soap is magic and makes him much stronger.
Episode 5: No Smell, No Color
There is a big argument between Bi and his friends as Bi tries to convince them that even though their hands look clean, there might still be germs on them that they cannot see. Bi’s friends don’t believe him.
Episode 6: The Savior
Using his magic power, Bi runs through a heavy rainstorm to get Thao to the school festival on time.
Episode 7: A New Game
Bi and his friend play games—"chi chi chanh chanh" and "Nu na nu nong"—when they visit grandmother. Bi's mother gives them guava to share and reminds them to wash their hands with soap before eating.
Episode 8: Tit's Ugly Experience
Bi reminds Tit to wash his hands with soap, but Tit says no; Tit is later sad when he has to miss a football match due to diarrhea.
Episode 9: The Power of Belief
Bi visits Tit and gives him a bar soap. He tells Tit that if he washes his hands with soap, he will have the power to win the football match. All of Bi’s friends believe that handwashing with soap “will bring power to them.”
Episode 10: The Hero
With high spirits, a good team, and a strong belief in “magic soap,” Bi’s team wins the football match as expected.

Mot clef:

lavage des mains, savon (CI) (DT) (OP)

Pays concerné:

Vietnam (CI) (DT) (OP)


WSP - Water and Sanitation Program - Washington - Etats Unis

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