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The Hare's revenge

La revanche de Sonko-le-Lièvre: l'hygiène des puits
spectacle vivant (conte, théâtre...) ; 7 pages
Aut. Yvon Moren
Child-to-Child - London FRESH - Paris
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   La revanche de Sonko-le-Lièvre : l'hygiène des puits Abstract:
The story is based on characters from traditional African folk tales and ends like many in death [this time of the young hyenas]. It would have to be slightly adapted for other cultures, but the subject, preserving water sources, is suitable for upper primary children and central to health education in most tropical countries. It would be possible to weave in more information than here stated on well construction and hygiene.
In addition to regular activities such as retelling the story, singing, poster making and drama, two special activities are recommended
1. Surveys of local well hygiene.
Visit with a list of questions and comment
2 Model making; to show how a latrine can pollute a well


Cycle 2 (5-7 ans) , Cycle 3 (8-10 ans)

Mots clefs:

hygiène (DT) (OP) , latrine, toilettes (DT) (OP) , maladie (DT) (OP) , puits (DT) (OP)


Child-to-Child - London - Royaume Uni

FRESH - Focusing Resources on Effective School Health - Paris

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