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“Water-Energy Nexus of Water and Wastewater Service in Lebanon” Project - Report Volume I: Executive Summary

rapport Jun 2021 ; 22 pages
Ed. Oxfam - Beirut AUB - Beirut
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   Volume II: Social Network Analysis    Volume III: Energy Audit of the Water and WasteWater Sectors    Volume IV: Renewable Energy Potential and Market Assessment    Volume V: Socio-Economic Assessment of the Water-Energy Nexus Abstract:
The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI) at the American University of Beirut (AUB), in collaboration with Oxfam, published a series of reports under the “Water-Energy Nexus of Water and Wastewater Service in Lebanon” project. This project hopes to develop a comprehensive understanding of the links between water and energy within the current Lebanese legal and operational framework, to assess barriers and opportunities for better integrated policies, management strategies, and solutions.

Mots clefs:

énergie (CI) (DT) (OP) , nexus eau-énergie (CI) (DT) (OP) , service public de l'eau (CI) (DT) (OP)

Pays concerné:

Liban (CI) (DT) (OP)


Oxfam - Beirut - Liban

AUB - Université Américaine de Beyrouth - Beirut - Liban

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