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Putting the men into menstruation: The role of men and boys in community menstrual hygiene management

note Jan 2015 ; 8 pages ; Waterlines Vol. 34 No. 1
Aut. Thérèse Mahon & Neelam Singh & Anjali Tripathy
Ed. Practical Action - Rugby
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Presenting a case study from Uttar Pradesh (India), this paper highlights the role community education can play in raising women’s awareness of MHM and how educating boys and men about menstruation will lead to more support of MHM in schools, households, and the community overall.
The study finds that men that have been educated on MHM practices were more supportive/willing to allocate some household income to purchase sanitary products and updating/building a household toilet facility.

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hygiène menstruelle (CI) (DT) (OP)


Practical Action - Rugby - Royaume Uni

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