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Rosie's World

document pédagogique écrit Aug 2020 ; 72 pages ,
Ed. French Red Cross - Baghdad ICRC - Baghdad WASH United - Berlin
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Rosie’s World is a two sessions menstrual management education guide initially developed by WASH UNITED. It was adapted to the Iraqi context in 2020.
Girls will learn from Rosie's experience and engage in fun activities about menstrual hygiene. After completing the activities of Rosie’s World, the girls will engage in the Take Action Project, where each of them will share what they have discovered with at least two other girls among their relatives .

Mot clef:

hygiène menstruelle (CI) (DT) (OP)


French Red Cross - Baghdad - Irak

ICRC - International committee of the Red Cross - Baghdad - Irak

WASH United - Berlin - Allemagne

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