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Kenya briquette industry study

Etude sur l'industrie des briquettes au Kenya
publication , rapport Feb 2010 ; 43 pages
Ed. Energy 4 Impact (ex. GVEP International) - London
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This study into the Kenya Briquette Industry is a component of the Developing Energy Enterprises Project – East Africa (DEEP-EA) led by GVEP-International (GVEP-I). Building and documenting knowledge of the industry, it aims to enhance the support DEEP-EA is offering to start-up and existing briquette enterprises. Biomass accounts for over 80% of energy use in Kenya. Briquettes can provide an alternative and, in some cases more sustainable, form of biomass energy. A survey across the briquette industry including producers, consumers and suppliers was undertaken with two objectives:
1. Identify the supply and demand conditions affecting the success of briquette producers.
2. Understand the current and potential impact of micro-scale briquette producers on rural and peri-urban energy access.
The study investigated the success factors influencing briquette making. Business success was found to vary considerably; some enterprises were operating profitably (all of whom use charcoal dust as the primary feedstock) but others were struggling to sell their products.
1. Introduction, p1
2. Context, p2
3 Method, p7
4. Conditions affecting briquette supply, p9
5. Conditions affecting the demand for briquettes, p18
6. Rural and peri-urban energy access, p27
7. Conclusions, p29
References, p29


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