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Women's empowerment through rural water supply activities: A practical guide by and for practitioners of the Rural Water Supply Network

note Mar 2021 ; 13 pages
Aut. Elodie Feijoo Seara & Sandra Fürst
Ed. RWSN - Saint Gallen
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This practical guide is the result of a consultation and co-creation process with members of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN). Engineers and gender experts have come together to overcome jargon barriers from their respective disciplines. This guide aims to provide water specialists with the language and knowledge on how best to work with gender experts to build more transformative activities.
The guide has five parts:
The introduction presents the rationale behind this guide and highlights elements to keep in mind throughout the guide.
Then, the concepts of women’s empowerment, as understood in this guide, are introduced and broken down into five key factors: access to information; participation; engagement & inclusiveness; power dynamics & structures; and capacity-building.
Part three provides practical steps to follow within each empowerment factor, while false beliefs (or myths) are exposed.
After looking at the factors, part four looks at women’s empowerment throughout the cycle of an activity: identification, design; implementation; monitoring & evaluation; and reporting. Each stage contains a checklist of actions.
Finally, concluding remarks underline the importance of women’s empowerment as a strategic objective in itself, and discuss the impact on external stressors on women’s empowerment.

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RWSN - Rural Water Supply Network - Saint Gallen - Suisse

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