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The Handwashing Handbook

manuel Oct 2020 ; 105 pages
Ed. GHP - Washington
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This handbook is based on the experience of the Global Handwashing Partnership and presents best practices and new concepts to improve the uptake of handwashing. This handbook updates the approaches shared in the previous Handwashing Handbook.
The Handwashing Handbook aims to equip handwashing champions in government, civil society, private sector, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with resources and tools. Equipped with these resources, handwashing champions can strengthen local systems to support handwashing, and use these tools for planning and implementing successful programs to change handwashing behavior in a variety of contexts.
This handbook is divided into chapters, described below:
- Making the Case for Handwashing;
- Designing and Implementing Handwashing Programs;
- Improving Handwashing in Specific Contexts;
- Addressing Handwashing at a Systems Level.

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lavage des mains, savon (DT) (OP)


GHP - Global Handwashing Partnership / Partenariat mondial pour le lavage des mains - Washington - Etats Unis

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