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Potential business opportunities from saline water and salt-affected land resources - Resource Recovery and Reuse Series 05

Opportunités commerciales potentielles liées à l'eau salée et aux ressources terrestres affectées par le sel - Série sur la récupération et la réutilisation des ressources 05
Jan 2015
Ed. IWMI - Colombo
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Generally, saline water and salt-affected lands are considered to suffer from low agricultural productivity and significant environmental constraints. However, recent evidence suggests that, by recycling and reusing saline water until it becomes inoperable for any economic activity and by returning salt-affected irrigated areas to higher levels of production, a significant contribution to food, feed and renewable energy production could be achieved without expanding the production area and obviating the associated challenges that this brings. This report delivers four case studies on saline water recycling and reuse which vividly suggest that strategic investments in salt-affected irrigated zones can make a significant contribution to poverty reduction, generate additional economic benefits, and ensure equitable social development for smallholders and marginalized groups, among other advantages.

This document is part of a series published by IMWI on resource recovery and reuse.


IWMI - International Water Management Institute - Colombo - Sri Lanka

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