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India has an unlikely new type of period health educators: men

article de presse , film vidéo May 2020 ; 9 pages; Durée: 2 min.
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There's no trash can in the cramped washroom shared by almost 200 women at the congested Banjara Basti slum in Thane, a satellite city near Mumbai.
When women here menstruate, they've got two options.
They can carry their soiled sanitary napkins to a fetid, overflowing open garbage dump 100 meters (328 feet) away. Or they can stuff them down the drain or throw them out the small window of this tiny toilet block, and avoid the shame that comes with carrying their waste in the open.
In India, where menstruation remains shrouded in taboo, many women opt for the latter.
Across the country, women in many homes are not allowed to cook or touch anyone during their period as they are considered impure and dirty. Some are even asked to sleep on the floor, or outside the house, for several days until it passes...

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