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Aucune chance pour le corona

Comment les enfants peuvent aider à vaincre le virus
No Chance for Corona
How kids can help beat the virus
bande dessinée Apr 2020 ; 10 pages , , , , , , , , , , ,
Ed. Welthungerhilfe - Bonn
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La bande dessinée informe les enfants et les jeunes de 10 à 14 ans sur le virus corona.
This comic strip provides young people between the ages of 10 and 14 with information about the coronavirus and other preventative hygiene measures.
Although children and adolescents are not likely to become seriously ill with COVID-19, they are nevertheless massively affected by the pandemic. Instead of playing outside, going to school, participating in sports and meeting friends, many are now trapped in confined spaces with their parents all day long. On top of that, they are worried about family, friends and themselves. Among those children stuck at home are Amina, Oliver, Tara and Akachi.
Como los niños pueden ayudar a combatir el Virus - La tira cómica informa a los niños y jóvenes de 10 a 14 años sobre el virus de la corona.


Cycle 3 (8-10 ans) , 6ème - 5ème , 4ème - 3ème

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Welthungerhilfe - Bonn - Allemagne

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