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Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and waste management for the prevention of COVID-19

note Apr 2020 ; 16 pages
Ed. OMS - Genève UNICEF - New York
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This WHO technical guidance specifically summarizes guidance on water, sanitation and health care waste in particular for water and sanitation practitioners and providers. It will be of interest to others.
1. Introduction and background .2
1.1 COVID-19 routes of transmission.3
1.2 Persistence of the COVID-19 virus in drinking-water, faeces and sewage and on surfaces.3
1.3 Safely managing wastewater and faecal waste.4
1.4 Keeping water supplies safe .4
2. WASH in health care settings.5
2.1 Hand hygiene practices.5
2.2 Sanitation and plumbing.6
2.3 Toilets and the handling of faeces.7
2.4 Emptying latrines and holding tanks, and transporting excreta off-site .8
2.5 Safe management of health care waste .8
2.6 Environmental cleaning and laundry .8
2.7 Safely disposing of greywater or water from washing PPE, surfaces and floors.9
2.8 Safe management of dead bodies.9
3. Considerations for WASH practices in homes and communities.9
3.1 Hand hygiene general recommendations.10
3.2 Hand hygiene materials.10
3.3 Water quality and quantity requirements for handwashing.11
3.4 Handwashing facility options.11
3.5 Treatment and handling requirements for excreta.12
3.6 Management of waste generated at home.12
References .14

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