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Female-friendly public and community toilets: a guide for planners and decision makers

guide Oct 2018 ; 56 pages
Ed. UNICEF - New York WSUP - London WaterAid - London
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The Female-friendly guide is designed primarily for use by local authorities in towns and cities who are in charge of public and community toilets.
The guide explains why toilets must be female-friendly, before detailing the essential and desirable features needed to make them so. It also suggests ways to increase gender sensitivity in town planning on sanitation.
Recommendations and practical steps have been drawn from existing literature, expert opinion and analysis of pioneering experiences from around the world.
Purpose of this guide
Executive summary
Section 1: The need for femalefriendly public and community toilets
Section 2: Features of female-friendly toilets
Section 3: How to assess and address the gaps at city and local levels

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UNICEF - New York - Etats Unis

WSUP - Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor - London - Royaume Uni

WaterAid - London - Royaume Uni

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