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A Sludge Story

The Adventures of Buland Babu
bande dessinée Feb 2017 ; 18 pages
Ed. CDD - Bangalore
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Introducing Buland Babu, he is here not just to educate you, but also to raise awareness about why India needs a proper system to treat human waste. In a lighthearted, yet effective way, the book gives the message and solution on how cities across India can too adopt a good faecal sludge treatment plant which effectively treats human waste.
A Sludge Story deals with a person named Buland who always wants the betterment of the society, together with the people of his city. He tries to make a difference by finding an effective solution to the treatment of human waste. The story tries to break down the current treatment facilities available for human waste in India and explains about the unsafe repercussions to the environment and as well as human life if we continue to follow the poor sanitation management.
The Adventures Of Buland Babu comes to an end by setting up a Faecal Sludge plant in the city, passing on the strong message that it is possible to set up an effective treatment plant for human waste.

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CDD - Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination - Bangalore - Inde

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