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cours en ligne, MOOC Jan 2016 ; Durée: 100 min.
Ed. Open University - Unicef - Addis Ababa WVI - Addis Ababa
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This collection of modules has been developed primarily for people who are training to work in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Ethiopia. The collection supports the Ethiopian Government’s One WASH National Programme. The modules can also be used for in-service training of new employees and by more experienced practitioners seeking to improve their knowledge and skills on specific topics. Anyone interested in using the modules within the collection can do so for free.
Six OpenWASH modules were developed in partnership between the Open University, World Vision Ethiopia and UNICEF :
o WASH: Context and Environment: This module provides essential background for WASH studies by exploring the interconnections between people and their environment, and the science that underpins that relationship.
o Urban Water Supply: This module sets out options for water supply, primarily in urban settings, and considers opportunities for improvements and innovation in service delivery and management.
o Urban Sanitation and Solid Waste Management: This module describes the challenges and opportunities of liquid and solid waste management and the benefits of an integrated approach to waste management.
o Urban WASH: Working with People: This module focuses on the social, cultural and behavioural aspects of WASH service improvements and highlights the need for participation by all stakeholders.
o Ethiopia's One WASH National Programme: This module explains the rationale, scope and procedures of Ethiopia’s central policy document for improvement in WASH facilities throughout the country.
o Count me in! Inclusive WASH in Ethiopia This module aims to raise awareness of the reasons why people can be excluded from access to WASH and promotes changes that could secure all people’s rights to water and sanitation.
o OpenWASH Trainers' Handbook: This Trainers’ Handbook provides advice for anyone who is planning to use the OpenWASH modules.

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