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Training Manual for Domestic Solar Electricity Trainers

document pédagogique écrit , manuel Jun 2009 ; 175 pages
Aut. Jean-Paul Louineau
Ed. Alliance Soleil - Saint-Hilaire de Riez ETC-Foundation - Leusden
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   Manuel à l’usage des formateurs Systèmes solaires domestiques Abstract:
This manual is a reference document for trainers which will enable them to carry out a complete training course on the techniques of domestic solar system sizing, installation and maintenance.
This manual is intended for use by vocational technical school teachers, secondary school teachers and for professional trainers of solar entrepreneurs or NGOs who work with rural electrification programmes.
The manual outlines a complete course in the sizing, installation, and maintenance of domestic solar systems and in the training of technicians in these subjects.
The basic objective is to: Train and Qualify Entrepreneurial technicians (technicians with a business sense), rather than simple installation technicians.
Module number | Title | Number of pages
1 Introduction for the trainers 33
2 Units of measure and basic formulae for energy and electricity 13
3 Introduction to small solar systems 8
4 The client: meeting his or her needs 14
5 Photovoltaic modules 15
6 Charge regulator 11
7 Batteries 21
8 Loads, inverters, cables and 16
9 Sizing and price quotations 14
10 Installation of solar systems 7
11 Maintenance and servicing of small solar systems 8
12 After-Sales Service 12

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énergie solaire (DT) (OP)


Alliance Soleil - Saint-Hilaire de Riez

ETC-Foundation - Leusden - Pays Bas

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