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National guideline for rainwater harvesting systems

Guide national pour les systèmes de collecte d'eau de pluie
guide Jan 2016 ; 132 pages
Aut. Rima Srour Al-Housseiny
Ed. MEE - Beirut UNDP - Beirut
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The present document offers detailed guidelines, technical and commercial information on how to size and implement rainwater harvesting systems in rural and urban settings mainly for domestic applications and external uses as applied to residential units, schools, hospitals and any other facility where domestic uses of water are found.
This guideline is intended to be used by all categories of people including those with no technical background.
The contents are divided into three sections with supporting annexes:
Section 1 is a birds-eye view of the country with a focus on characteristics that relate to its hydrology as well as other water issues.
Section 2 introduces the art and science of rainwater harvesting starting with a description of the different components of the system as well as an overall view about the different options and scenarios possible for rainwater use.
Section 3 offers detailed guidelines how to plan, size, price, implement and maintain a rainwater harvesting system together with tips how to save water. The annexes contain useful information as well as necessary data to perform some of the calculations presented in this section.


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eau de pluie (collecte d') (CI) (DT) (OP)

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Liban (CI) (DT) (OP)


MEE - Ministère de l'Energie et de l'Eau - Beirut - Liban

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme - Beirut - Liban

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