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USAID water and development country plan for Lebanon

note Nov 2017 ; 6 pages
Ed. USAID - Antelias USAID - Washington
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Despite relatively abundant natural water resources, Lebanon faces a significant water deficit exacerbated by population growth, random urban expansion, climate change, and influx of Syrian refugees. A history of regional conflict and limited attention to institutional capacity further complicates the situation of the water sector. Thus, USAID and other donors are providing technical services and related resources to the country’s water establishments to respond to these challenges. Through the five-year, Lebanon Water Project (LWP) USAID/Lebanon is advancing the objectives of the USAID Agency-specific Plan under the Global Water Strategy (GWS) to meet challenges in the water sector, primarily improving access to safe drinking water, improved wastewater management, and efficient irrigation by supporting Lebanon’s five public water utilities: four Water Establishments (WEs), and the Litani River Authority (LRA). USAID also engages with local communities, municipalities, civil society, and the local private sector as key partners for addressing water sector concerns.
The current LWP and future USAID/Lebanon interventions are expected to result in reliable and sustainable access to potable water and wastewater for Lebanese citizens; improve water, wastewater, and irrigation management practices; enhance the efficiency and sustainability of the public water utilities; and respond to water and wastewater issues arising from the influx of Syrian refugees. Furthermore, USAID investments will promote better water and sanitation governance and institutional strengthening as a means to long-term water security, in line with the GWS.
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Government of Lebanon (GOL) Water Objectives
4. Government of Lebanon’s Current and Planned Strategies and Approaches to Water and Sanitation
5. Challenges and Opportunities in the Sector
6. USAID/Lebanon Country Plan for Water
7. USAID Budget and Mechanisms


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