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Making Every Drop Count: An Agenda for Water Action

rapport Mar 2018 ; 34 pages
Ed. Un-Water - New York
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The HLPW (High Level Panel on Water)’s key message is that the world can no longer take water for granted. Individuals, communities, companies, cities, and countries need to better understand, value, and manage water. The HLPW articulates an agenda at three levels:
- A foundation for action. To take effective action we need to understand the importance of the water we have, and therefore must invest in data; we need to value the water we have, in its social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions; and we need to strengthen water governance mechanisms so that we can effectively manage it.
- Leading an integrated agenda at the local, country and regional levels. Water flows across political and sectoral boundaries. The Panel therefore calls for an integrated approach, including sustainable and universal access to safe water and sanitation, building more resilient societies and economies, including disaster risk reduction, investing more and more effectively in water-related infrastructure, appreciating the centrality of environmental issues, and building sustainable cities and human settlements.
- Catalyzing change, building partnerships & international cooperation at the global level. The Panel recommends progress in encouraging innovation, promoting partnerships, increasing finance, increasing institutional support, strengthening the global and international water cooperation, and seizing the opportunity to take action with the Water Action Decade before us.
The HLPW, as political leaders, commit to leading change in these areas, and have identified specific recommendations and new initiatives for action, which are summarized in the following table and the report. The Panel calls on leaders and all stakeholders to join together in pursuit of safe water for all, managed sustainably.

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