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Assessment of the water harvesting sector in Jordan

rapport Feb 2016 ; 49 pages
Aut. Motasem Abu Khalaf & Maher Salman
Ed. FAO - Rome ; Isbn: 978-92-5-109074-9
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The purpose of this report is to provide a first assessment of the current status of water harvesting in Jordan, using an illustrative example from the Al Mafraq region. This assessment will subsequently serve as an important input into the development of a sub-sector strategy for water harvesting. The assessment is based on the work of the FAO project "Coping with water scarcity - the role of agriculture – Phase III", active in Jordan since 2011, which, with its in-county focussed intervention in Jordan, seeks to contribute to agricultural development through the establishment of a pilot site and training programme for water harvesting centred around beneficiary farmers (Farmers’ Cooperative). The overall aim of the project is to strengthen national capacities for improving water management and dealing with the agricultural component of water scarcity.

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Jordanie (CI) (DT) (OP)


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