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The Impact of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene on Key Health and Social Outcomes: Review of Evidence

rapport Jun 2016 ; 112 pages
Aut. Oliver Cumming & Joanna Esteves Mills
Ed. SHARE - London UNICEF - New York
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This evidence paper developed by SHARE and UNICEF looks at 10 areas identified collaboratively on which WASH can plausibly have a strong impact: diarrhoea, nutrition, complementary food hygiene, female psychosocial stress, violence, maternal and newborn health, menstrual hygiene management, school attendance, oral vaccine performance, and neglected tropical diseases. The paper highlights a number of points where evidence-based consensus has been established, or is emerging in these areas. While the paper has been tailored to support the development of the new UNICEF’s Strategy for WASH 2016-2030, it has broader relevance to the WASH sector as a whole.


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SHARE - Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity - London - Royaume Uni

UNICEF - New York - Etats Unis

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