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Rural Water Supply in Cambodia

film video internet Nov 2015 ; Durée: 8 min. (s.t. )
Ed. SNV - Phnom Penh
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In the past, rural water supply planning and activities in Cambodia were left to donors, NGOs, and higher levels of government who struggled to holistically address the issues of monitoring, functionality, management, accountability, and quality. SNV has been supporting actors from local to national level to collectively work to define functions and test activities to comprehensively address rural water supply issues at community level, while engaging higher levels of government on the processes and the results. This video highlights the local governance activities developed under the programme, as described by our local government partners.

Mots clefs:

accès à l'eau (DT) (OP) , eau potable (DT) (OP) , rural (DT) (OP)

Pays concerné:

Cambodge (DT) (OP)


SNV - Phnom Penh - Cambodge

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