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From infrastructure to services : trends in monitoring sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services

livre Apr 2015 ; 184 pages
Aut. Ton Schouten & Stef Smits
Ed. Practical Action - Rugby ; Isbn: 9781853398131
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From Infrastructure to Services reveals important breakthroughs in country-led and country-wide monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies; ICT for monitoring sustainable service delivery; monitoring the finance needed for service delivery; monitoring for sanitation and hygiene; and building coherence in global–regional–national monitoring. It asks: does project monitoring emphasize donor rather than user accountability or is it a necessary stepping stone to better national WASH sector monitoring? The book presents a state of the art of strengthening monitoring water supply and sanitation in developing countries and is essential reading for programme managers and policy makers in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector, both in development agencies and government departments. It should also be read by researchers and students in the WASH sector.
1 Know the problem, find the solution! Monitoring sustainable WASH service delivery: opportunities and challenges
Stef Smits and Ton Schouten 1
2 Making the invisible visible: monitoring the costs and finance needed for sustainable WASH service delivery
Catarina Fonseca 21
3 Messy, varied, and growing: country-led monitoring of rural water supplies
Kerstin Danert 39
4 Transforming accountability and project monitoring for stronger national WASH sectors
Harold Lockwood 63
5 Technology, data, and people: opportunities and pitfalls of using ICT to monitor sustainable WASH service delivery
Joseph Pearce, Nicolas Dickinson, and Katharina Welle 85
6 Behaviour, sustainability, and inclusion: trends, themes, and lessons in monitoring sanitation and hygiene
Carolien van der Voorden and Ingeborg Krukkert 109
7 Small steps towards building national–regional–global coherence in monitoring WASH
Piers Cross 137
8 Setting the priorities
Ton Schouten and Stef Smits 157

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évaluation, impacts (CI) (DT) (OP) , mode de gestion/gouvernance (CI) (DT) (OP)


Practical Action - Rugby - Royaume Uni

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